VR therapy software for psychology and mental health

The most flexible and easy to use VR therapy platform

More than 70 virtual environments and dozens of specialized functionalities to apply virtual reality in your practice.

Work on multiple disorders

We offer the largest catalogue with more than 70 virtual environments to work on Anxiety, Specific Phobias, Eating Disorders, OCD, Addictive Disorders; and apply relaxation techniques, mindfulness, attention training and EMDR.

Take control of your sessions

Dozens of parameters allow you to customize what happens at all times: the number of people, how people or animals interact with the patient, the weather, the height in a building, the turbulence of the plane and much more.

Monitor responses in real-time

Capture information on your patient’s conditions all the time. With the skin conductance sensor you will obtain a physiological measure of anxiety levels and you will be able to adjust the characteristics of the environment to your intervention needs.

All your reports in one place

You will have all your patients’ sessions saved to monitor their improvement. You can also give them printed reports so they have a clearer understanding of their progress.

Work with your patients remotely with Psious for smartphones

Open your therapy to the world. Your patients will only need a mobile phone to connect from home, and perform the session through remote virtual environments.

Do you want to know how VR works?

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