VR benefits for mental health

Ebook: VR benefits for mental health

Get the complete eBook for free, to discover the main benefits and concepts of Virtual Reality for mental health. Learn why applying VR in your practice could be so advantageous for you and your patients, also how it could help you to achieve better results in less time treating your patients.

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Getting your free eBook you will learn:

  • What is VR for mental health and its scientific validation.
  • Why apply VR in your practice.
  • Its main benefits.
  • Teletherapy with VR.
  • VR as an improvement of traditional methods.
  • How a VR tool is designed to help you with your practice.
  • VR optimizing and complementing your practice.
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More information

Virtual Reality Therapy is changing mental health care. More than 25 years of scientific studies validate its therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, and more conditions by showing better results than traditional therapies. It was designed to be a powerful support tool to the therapist use in their practice, helping to achieve a great result in less time.

An updated and complete ebook created by VR experts that explains all the benefits of VR Therapy, its scientific validation over the years, the main concepts of VR for mental health, what disorders can be treated and wich technics can be used, how to perform teletherapy with Virtual Reality, and every aspect of why to apply VR.
Discover why VR therapy can be a flexible tool to use, how can help you to find and retain more patients, reduce the costs of the therapy, be better than in vivo or using the imagination, also how to use it beyond the treatments of fears and phobias.

Do you want to know how to apply VR in your practice?

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