Virtual reality therapy training program

The most comprehensive VR therapy training program

The Psious Academy program prepares therapists to achieve the best results in the application of virtual reality therapy.

In the Academy section of our platform you will find multiple continuous learning resources such as courses, tutorials, webinars, manuals or clinical cases that we constantly update..

Basic initiation course

With this compulsory course for all new Psious clients, you will familiarize yourself with the solution, you will understand the basic principles and functionalities of the platform, and will learn how to apply effective and safe treatments with virtual reality.


The Academy resources include dozens of video-tutorials and podcasts so you can get the full performance of the platform and apply your full therapeutic potential in a personalized way for each of your patients.


You will also find manuals developed specifically to know in detail each of the therapeutic environments included in our platform, the different scenes, the parameters within each scene, intervention protocols and their bibliographic references.

Clinical cases

Each month, our expert psychologists in virtual reality therapy share experiences and clinical cases with the help of other clients in the community. The live webinars have a duration of 1 hour and can be viewed later in the Academy section.

Online courses

Twice a year Psious organizes online courses of continuous learning, where the latest news are condensed and the best clinical cases are reviewed and debated among the entire Psious client community of experts.

Marketing guide and resources

The training program also includes a complete guide with 12 ideas to learn how to promote your business and virtual reality therapy. Along with the guide you will find digital resources for your website and other online channels.

Do you want to learn how to apply VR therapy in your practice?