Virtual reality for psychologists and mental health professionals

An innovative tool for professionals to use in their practice.

Psious streamlines the entire process.

Kit de realidad virtual para terapia, para profesionales de la salud mental y psicología.

VR kit

A complete set of VR equipment that is 100% integrated with the Psious platform including:
● A headset to comfortably fit each user and easily synchronize with the Psious platform.

● An Electrodermal response sensor that easily fits the patient’s fingers to measure a patient’s sweat response (i.e., galvanic skin response) during sessions.

VR platform

A flexible and easy to use VR platform.

More than 70 virtual environments and dozens of functionalities to make the application of virtual reality to professional practice easier for clinicians.

Multiple work configurations specially designed for psychotherapists, and a simple control panel available for use. The platform lets you plan and control your sessions seamlessly.
● Work with a variety of content
● Take control of sessions
● Receive real-time responses
● Enjoy reporting all in one place
● Work remotely with patients

Sesiones RV Psicología

Academy and training

The Psious Academy program prepares therapists to use the platform correctly and supports them in their continuous education to excel in their practices.

Take advantage of exclusive access to the Academy Training Program and resources (manuals, example cases and best practices) to learn how to best work with your patients using VR.

● Basic initiation course
● Tutorials
● Manuals
● Case studies
● Online courses
● Marketing guide and resources

Do you want to know how to apply VR in your practice?