Virtual reality solution for psychology and mental health

The all-in-one virtual reality solution for therapists

Psious provides you with everything you need to perform VR treatments easily and well-tolerated.

Kit de realidad virtual para terapia, para profesionales de la salud mental y psicología.
Complete solution

Everything you need to apply VR in your practice: hardware, software and specialized training.

Easy to use

Simple to use and set up. No installation or technical knowledge required.


Adapt the VR exposures to the specific needs of each patient.


Virtual reality therapy as a service. A monthly fee accessible to all budgets.

VR therapy kit

A complete set of VR equipment, 100% integrated with the Psious VR platform that includes a last generation virtual reality headset and an advanced electrodermal activity sensor.

VR therapy platform

With multiple features specially designed for psychotherapy, and a simple control panel, the platform allows you to plan your treatments and control your therapy sessions easily and well-tolerated.
Sesiones RV Psicología

VR therapy library

The Psious platform includes more than 70 virtual reality environments, with dozens of scenes and 360º videos, which gives the flexibility to treat all types of pathologies.

Academy and training

Exclusive access to the Psious Academy Training Program and resources (manuals, clinical cases and best practices) to learn how to treat your patients through VR effectively and well-tolerated.

Do you want to know how to apply VR therapy in your practice?

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