Virtual reality online therapy solution

The effectiveness of virtual reality with the freedom of teletherapy

Psious for smartphones is the new solution by Psious to easily support you on remote online therapies using virtual reality.

Now available for Android and iOS.

Expand your horizons

Connect with your patients wherever they are.

Accelerate progression

Enable your patients to practice techniques between sessions.

Keep patient loyalty

The use of virtual reality minimizes dropout rates.

Get better results

Virtual reality therapies are faster and more efficient.

Perfect sync with the virtual reality platform

Psious for smartphones is an application for mobile or tablet that synchronizes in one click with the platform. It will be enough that the patient has the mobile application and is in contact with the therapist by means of a call or video call.

Unlimited functionality

With a subscription to Psious software, the healthcare professional has access to more than 70 virtual reality environments to support mental health assessment and treatment, as well as training and support resources.

Compatible with different devices

Patients will be able to do therapy at home with one of these devices: mobile phone, virtual reality headset, for virtual reality cardboard set.

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