Virtual reality kit for therapists

Virtual reality kit for mental health

A complete kit with the latest equipment to apply VR therapy with total comfort and precision, working in perfect sync with the Psious VR platform.
The kit is included in all our subscription plans.

VR headset

Specially developed for mental health treatments, the headset comfortably fits each user, and synchronizes with the Psious platform in a single click.
  • 3K LCD screen
  • 1440 x 1600 Resolution
  • Update frequency of 90Hz and a ppi of 615
  • With Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 835 CPU with 4G high speed LPDDR4-1866 RAM
  • Developed by Pico Interactive

Electrodermal activity sensor

The accessory used to measure the patient’s physiological responses during therapy sessions. It easily fits the patient’s fingers.
  • Measures electrodermal activity or galvanic skin response (EDA, GSR)
  • 90.6MB
  • Developed by: Mindfield Biosystems Ltd

Digital therapy for the modern patient

Everything a therapist needs to start using Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in clinical practice. DTx applies treatments based on scientific evidence, personalization of patient care, and innovative medical interventions.

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