Virtual reality environments for psychotherapy

Dozens of VR environments to treat multiple disorders

The Psious platform has more than 70 virtual environments and scenes specially designed to easily treat dozens of pathologies. The therapist can use multiple therapeutic techniques (psychoeducation, gradual exposure, systematic desensitization, relaxation, distraction, acceptance and commitment, mindfulness, EMDR …) to work with their patients.

It allows for the treatment of all kinds of disorders such as anxiety (phobias, panic, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety, OCD, ADHD, public speaking, exams, etc.), attention management, eating disorders, and pain management, among others.

Social Anxiety

In this environment, the patient is sitting at a bar table with other colleagues having an informal conversation.

Exam-related anxiety

You can select between scenarios in a school or university, both in the hall and in the classroom while taking the exam.


Diaphragmatic breathing, relaxation environments, Jacobson relaxation, or relaxation environments under the sea and a paradise island walk.


Environment and 360º video for the treatment of obsessions related to the contamination.


Several scenarios to practice mindfulness such as body scanning, conscious walking, or spring-summer environments.

Fear of flying

The patient will be at home before the flight, in the car on the way to the airport, at the boarding gate or inside the plane (takeoff, flight and landing).

Fear of heights

Virtual reality in an elevator, high up in New York City or Barcelona. There are also 360º videos on a cliff, bridge, balcony, treadmill and pit.

Fear of animals

360º videos, virtual environments and augmented reality for the treatment of the most common phobias to animals: pigeons, dogs, insects and cats.

Fear of driving

The patient must face different driving situations through two scenarios: a highway and a city.

Fear of public speaking

The patient is in an auditorium, a meeting, or conference broadcast.

Eating disorders

Two virtual environments aimed at working on the distortion of body image and exposure to food: in a restaurant and in a changing room.

Pain Distraction

Immersion in the interactive virtual environment to divert attention focus as a distraction strategy (e.g., pain distraction).

Do you want to know how to treat your patients with the Psious platform?

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