Stress & Trauma – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy for Stress & Trauma

With our stress and trauma environments you can easily apply eye desensitization and reprocessing by eye movements (EMDR) to mitigate the negative impacts of traumatic events, especially in cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. These environments offer bilateral auditory, visual, or kinesthetic stimulation, working on problems related to traumatic life events.


Your patient finds themselves on a hill surrounded by mountains and trees, supporting feelings of openness and relaxation. This environment was designed to support EMDR techniques.

Diaphragmatic breathing in a meadow

As your patient experiences a peaceful meadow, our technology guides them through diaphragmatic routines. Inhalation-exhalation times can be modified based on what your patient needs.

Diaphragmatic breathing underwater in the ocean

This unique underwater environment guides patients through diaphragmatic breathing. Inhalation-exhalation times can be modified based on what your patient needs.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Using tension relaxation exercises, ordered by muscle groups, this virtual environment can train your patient in the practice of progressive muscle relaxation.

Stress introduction

Educational video that explains how the word stress is mentioned often in today’s world.

How stress affects

Our environment explains the impacts of stress at a physiologic, cognitive and behavioral level.

Breathing control

This environment offers a series of breathing control techniques to help cope with stress.

…and more environments about stress management.

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