Virtual Reality for Somatic & Related – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality for Somatic & Related

Somatic environments are tools to help the evaluation and manage the physical, affective, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of feeling ill.

Anxiety about getting sick

Your patient finds themselves in their living room, watching a show about diseases.

Attentional focus

This virtual environment allows your patient to practice mindfulness and acceptance exercises as they walk through a peaceful meadow.

Body scanning

This environment is unique in that it engages with Jacobson’s relaxation and induction techniques as your patient takes a mental journey of their body. It is especially useful for progressive muscle relaxation.

Emotional regulation

This environment engages with two interconnected scenarios. As the environment transitions from spring to summer, your patient can practice full-attention exercises.

Mindfulness for children

For young patients between the ages of 6 to 12 years old, this environment is geared towards attention, joy, energy and relaxation. With several guided activities, this environment transitions from winter to autumn to summer to spring.

…and more environments for somatic stress management.

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