Free learning resources about VR therapy

Learn about using virtual reality in your therapy

Find the best free online resources to get familiar with virtual reality for mental health, and learn tips and tricks from the experiences of clinical psychologists and VR experts. These introductory learning resources about VR therapy include guides, webinars, clinical case studies, and ebooks, among others.

  • Introduction to virtual reality therapy Today's mental health professionals face multiple challenges, the desire from patients for immediate results,

  • Learn to manage stress and anxiety with virtual reality Anxiety and stress are the two most common mental afflictions which lead people to seek profes

  • Learn how to treat ADHD with virtual reality Learn how psychologist Olga Fernández Jucal treated a 10-year-old boy diagnosed with ADHD using virtual r

  • How to apply virtual reality to treat generalized anxiety disorder Learn how psychologist María del Castillo Benitez treated a 22-year-old patient wit

  • Virtual reality in mental health and a clinical case: Fear of Flying Learn how the psychologist Howard Gurr who has more than 35 years of experience,

  • Clinical Guide: Virtual Reality in mental health In this clinical guide we offer a complete document created by psychologists and VR experts that cont

  • Ebook: VR benefits for mental health Get the complete eBook for free, to discover the main benefits and concepts of Virtual Reality for mental health.

  • VR in Mental Health - Clinical Case: Fear of being trapped (Cleithrophobia) Learn how an experienced therapist treats his patients with the help of Vi

  • Virtual Reality over anxiety disorders You will learn how VR Therapy can be used to treat your patients suffering from anxiety and anxiety-related dis

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