Public Speaking – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality for Public Speaking (Glossophobia)

Extensive research suggests that virtual reality can effectively improve public speaking abilities. Psious’ technology allows you to modify the number of people, audience attitudes and even distractions.


Your patient must speak in front of an audience. They will have to confront questions, distractions and clapping.


Your patient must give a conference in a large auditorium, where they are tasked with questions, distractions and clapping.

The office

The patient is in a conference room with colleagues. This environment is versatile: you may simulate an important meeting, a job interview, an exam and more.

Streaming conference

Your patient has to speak in a large auditorium with the lights off. They can see that they are being recorded by TV cameras. They will be disrupted with questions, distractions and clapping.

Chatting at the bar

Your patient finds themselves sitting at a bar table, having an informal conversation with their companions. Each of these companions engages with a specific communication style – passive, assertive, aggressive, and mixed. Your patient is tasked with listening to the conversation and interacting with their companions.

…and more environments to improve public speaking abilities.

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