Learn to manage stress and anxiety with virtual reality

Learn to manage stress and anxiety with virtual reality

Anxiety and stress are the two most common mental afflictions which lead people to seek professional help. In this free webinar, you will discover how virtual reality helps treat these conditions, how VR can optimize your practice, and how you can get faster and more efficient results.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is the Virtual Reality
  • Scientific Validation
  • Advantages of VR to treat Anxiety and Stress
  • Real clinical case of the psychologist Carlos Muñoz
  • An effective way to apply VR
  • Live demo of the Psious tool and platform
VR to stress and anxiety

Learn how to treat anxiety and stress with VR Therapy

More information

Do you know recent studies point that applying VR in your practice produces significant changes in personal behavior? Including in real-life situations? Also, helps to attract more people to your practice and increase the retention rate by 30%.

Virtual Reality (VR) is changing mental health. Stanford University, UCLA, National Health Service (UK), Johns Hopkins University and 4000+ professionals around the world already uses Virtual Reality with great success. Thanks to Psious VR tool they can treat more than 20 psychological conditions including Anxiety and Stress.

Do you want to know how to apply VR in your practice?