Generalized Anxiety – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy for Generalized Anxiety

Psious’ generalized anxiety environments has been designed to elicit anxiety-related reactions in your patient.  Accordingly, a host of our VR environments can be modified to generate anxiety responses, based on what is most necessary for your patient’s needs.

Worrying about children

Your patient is in their living room, watching a show about leaving children in the care of others. Suddenly, they receive a call from school, asking that your patient call back immediately.

Worrying about babies

Your patient is in their living room. While watching a talk show about baby care, they hear a baby cry through the baby monitor.

Worrying about family members

There’s a strong thunderstorm and the patient is at home in the dining room, waiting for a relative to come back from home watching the news on TV where they explain to take precautions when driving.

Anxiety about getting sick

The patient is at home in the dining room watching a tv show talking about illnesses like cancer, blood pressure or heart attacks.

Worrying about work

The patient is in the subway going to work. There’s a breakdown and they have to stay still for a few minutes. The patient hears a conversation about getting late to work.

…and more environments to practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

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