Agoraphobia – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy for Agoraphobia

Virtual environments can be essential to work on agoraphobia whether that is when it is difficult to leave a feared situation or when there is not enough support during a panic attack. Unlike in vivo exposure, virtual reality allows standardization and control over exposure parameters. It also offers the chance to repeat exposure of feared situations – preventing panic attacks and losing the risk of reinforcing the existing fears.

Walk through the public square

Your patient is in an open space in a public square. You can control the amount of people in the square such that your patient is gradually exposed to their fears.

Subway ride

Your patient is inside an interactive subway environment, which includes walking towards the platform, travelling in a subway car and exiting to the outside. The number of people and events can be modified to best suit your patient’s needs.


Your patient is in a small street, lined with restaurants. The number of people in the street and restaurants can be controlled along with the events.

…and more environments to evaluate and treat Agoraphobia.

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