Aerophobia – VR Therapy

Virtual Reality Therapy for Aerophobia

Working on the fear of flying: these VR environments allow you to repeat scenes as often as necessary. Unlike typical exposure techniques, our technology is not limited to patients with high imagination capacity. In fact, the exposure can be modified to best serve your patients’ needs, which includes the ability to control the duration of the flight, weather, fellow passengers, and more.

At home

Your patient will find themselves at home, about to leave the house and will wait for the cab to arrive. This environment is particularly beneficial for patients who need to work on anticipatory anxiety.

Trip to the airport

Your patient is sitting inside a cab, on their way to the terminal.

Boarding gate

Your patient is waiting to board the plane. The hostess will ask them for the boarding card, before they have to walk to the airplane.


Your patient is seated in the airplane. After the in-flight safety demonstration, the plane takes off, carries out its flight (with or without turbulence) and finally lands.

…and more environments to evaluate and treat Aerophobia.

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