Psious is a virtual reality therapy platform for mental health professionals

Huge number of immersive environments

Adapted environments depending on the specific conditions of each patient.

Physiological parameters

Additional data concerning the patient’s level of physical reaction.

Based on Science state-of-the-art

Interventions through VR are more practical than traditional techniques (Bouchard S. et al., 2018).

Measurements & reporting

Digitalization of the process.

Training resources & support

Manuals, webinars, videos, and case reports help you build a path to best efficiency.

Over 70 VR therapy environments that can be used as therapeutic tools as part of a treatment delivered by a mental health professional






Hundreds of healthcare professionals are using Psious in their practice

Elizabeth McMahon

“The use of VR in cognitive-behavioral therapy for phobias makes exposure more accessible, gives patients more confidence, decreases treatment time, and increases treatment success”

Michael Carthy

“Virtual reality became an incredible step between the therapy room and the real world. Its become one of the most important elements of my program to help people overcome their fears”

Michael Carthy


Ariadna Torres. Piscooncóloga que usa Psious en sus tratamientos

“I recommend using Psious, since it adapts to the needs of the professional, to the type of patient and is always open to receiving new proposals.”


Users & growing


patients treated


VR therapy sessions conducted



We work with many prestigious health institutions

Featured in many influential media publications

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