Psious for Mental Health

Virtual Reality can transport patients to more realistic settings and provide a more vivid and immersive experience

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The online platform and Psious app enable you to apply Virtual Reality through a smartphone, VR goggles and a biofeedback sensor

Real-time view

Get a real-time view of what your patient is seeing and what is happening during the session

Control the experience

Adapt a simulation to the needs of each patient using the variable settings and your control panel

Patients monitoring

Register data from the biofeedback sensor and the Subjective Units of Distress on a graph to record your patient's progress

Automatic reports

Automatically-generated reports, save the details of each session in your patient's file

Advantages of Using Psious

Continuous training through manuals, training videos and seminars

Regular updates with new resources and improvements

Customer service and personalized advice

A community of professionals to share knowledge with your peers

Psious Multiple Uses

Thanks to the involvement of hundreds of professionals, we are able to keep developing our technology to improve and renew our environments, so VR can further be applied to an ever-increasing number of pathologies

Find Your Plan

We offer different options so the plan you choose best suits your needs and gives you access to all our resources for you to become an expert in the use of Virtual Reality

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